Kara Rasmanis                  'An alphabet of found and fallen'

A series of images shaped from a collection of organic found objects combined with calligraphic script.  With an ever growing collection of insects, seedpods, leaves and grasses, the images draw from a rich pool of inspiration.  The work is a

combination of elements, beginning with photographs as the base and adding many layers of texture and text, all to create something beautiful which would be unachievable using traditional photography alone.  Prints on paper and fabric show a patchwork of details which would normally go unnoticed.

venue 60

The Elephant Patch

106 Albert St, Creswick

Open Thursday to Saturday 10.00am to 5.00pm, Sunday 2.00pm to 5.00pm

Free entry. Disabled access. Car parking.

                                                                    BIFB'11 FRINGE EXHIBITION PROGRAM
                                                                                        CRESWICK CIRCUIT

Peter Ryan / Robert Norman                 ‘Town & Country’ 

‘Town and Country’ is collaborative presentation.  Peter Ryan, a photographer from Kyneton, Victoria is exhibiting images of Melbourne’s iconic landmarks, showing his style for this classic architecture.  Peter is also showcasing his cameo vision of the Australian landscape.  This style is juxtaposed against Melbourne photographer Robert Norman’s sweeping panoramas of iconic Australian locations.  Panoramic landscapes have a special appeal to Robert and many of his images explore the use of High Dynamic Range techniques in capturing the full colour and detail his chosen locations offer. 

venue 61

Lemon Tree Café

86 Albert Street, Creswick

Open daily 8.30am to 9.00pm

Free entry. Disabled access. Toilets.

Wayne Eeles                      'Driven to Abstraction'

Wayne Eeles discovered fractals when he saw an exhibition by a photographer in BIFB’09.  His interest was immediately piqued.  Not being entirely proficient at maths, it took Eeeles some time to come to grips with the formula needed to get started.  He has since learnt to manipulate the images produced in the generating software, and creates work that is attuned to the way his mind operates (which is obviously strange, to say the least).  He hopes the viewer gets as much pleasure as he has out of trying to interpret the meaning of each print.

venue 62

Smokeytown Café

77 Albert Street, Creswick

Open Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 9.00am to 5.00pm, Friday & Saturday 9.00am to 9.00pm

Free entry. Disabled access.

Open Entry Group Exhibition                         ‘Galeria Bezdomna / Homeless Gallery’

Galeria Bezdomna is a photography gallery without a permanent home.  Whenever a suitable temporary space becomes available, the word goes out and photographers are invited to participate.  The only conditions on showing as part of the Galeria Bezdomna is that you bring your works and tools on hanging day, find a space to display your works, then you must return on closing day to take your works home or else they are consigned to the bin.  GB @ BIFB’11 will be the latest of 90 + such shows since its inception in Poland in 2002.


venue 63

Creswick Railway Workshops

Lewers  St, Creswick

Open Friday to Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm

Kristin Diemer                             ‘A Dingo Fence and Mallee Roots:  Victorian Farming on the Fringe’

The Farm project began as a 1 year documentary commissioned to record the farming practices, seasons and daily living at the McKenzie family farm in NW Victoria.  Ross and Paule McKenzie began planning for their retirement in 2005, and as none of the children had remained on the farm, one of the daughters commissioned this project as a historical memory.  The farm includes remnants of the Dingo Fence on the border between Mallee country and the Wimmera and also one of the few remaining sheep yards built from Mallee Roots:  iconic representations of changing times and fringe farming.

venue 64

Creswick Woollen Mills

Railway Parade, Creswick  

Open daily 10.00am to 5.00pm

Disabled access. Car parking. Toilets.

Group Exhibition                      ‘Photography and beyond’

Photography has undergone dramatic transformations in recent times.  The rapid uptake of digital imaging has enhanced the creative processes, whether dealing with traditional photographic subjects; abstract images that have been created both in camera and through digital manipulation; or conceptual images created with a mixture of photography and mathematics or just mathematics.  Images from five photographers cover this wide spectrum.  Featuring the works of Bill Beath, Julie Hough, Meredith Squires, Warren Thorpe and Frances Valentine.

venue 65

The Timber Benders

Railway Parade, Creswick

Open daily 10.00am to 5.00pm

Free Entry, Disabled access. Car parking. Toilets.

BIFB Board & Committee Group Exhibition                            'Meetings in camera'

The Ballarat International Foto Biennale is run by a group of some 40+ individuals.  Most are volunteers.  Some are seasoned career photographers, some are emerging photographers or keen amateurs, and some are more comfortable with non-photographic pursuits.  This un-themed show has invited all BIFB Committee members to take up the challenge and submit an image to public scrutiny alongside the literally hundreds of other photographers showing their works as part of BIFB’11.

venue 66

The Tangled Maze

2301 Midland Hwy, Springmount

Open daily 10.00am to 5.00pm

*Parts of this show may not always be available for viewing due to private functions

Free entry. Disabled access. Disabled toilet. Car parking.

*Fringe Exhibition venues operate independently from the Core Program, and all venues may not be open every day of the festival and opening hours vary from venue to venue.    Some fringe shows have their own individual launches and meet the artist sessions.